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Weird Watch Collection

he amount of weird watch models increases each year. So we are to give a full coverage of the unusual watch collection. Here you’ll find more watches with unique dials and thus get acquainted with weird watches world in order to show your peculiarity.

Thumbnail Watch

This futuristic watch model looks amazing, but unfortunately can’t be built with our current technology. It was designed especially for a contest of future ideas. The unique watch would probably bee the most doggy watch and all popular companies like Omega, Brietling, Patek
Philipp and etc. would cry if it comes in the market.

Men’s “Star Performer” watch

Tokyo Flash has done it again! Looking amazingly hip and futuristic this unusual watch is a bit cryptic to use but so utterly stylish you’ll be willing to learn. The weird watch lights up one number in each column to tell the time. For example, 1-2-5-3 would be 12:53.

From left to right, the icons are Clock icon (represents the time), Sun (represents the day and date), $ (represents the year and symbolizes good fortune in the future) and a Martini Glass(will light up to remind you that it’s happy hour). The digits 1-7 on the left side are for each day (1 = Sunday, 7 = Saturday), and the left two columns represent the days.

Nixie Watch

This weird watch from our weird watch collection looks designed especially for science geeks, because it displays the time on nixie tubes. Nixie tubes were used back in 1969 in calculators and are quaint neon display tubes.

To see the hours, minutes and seconds sequence one needs only the flick of the wrist. And the information will be displayed on the weird dial. The advantage of this unusual model is both rugged and water resistance. So The Nixie Watch has a great desire to be unique.


Taking a break from the digital and analog era, Ora by a greek designer Alexandros Stasinopoulos is a handsome weird watchthat studies on the field of haute horlogerie. It comes with a unisex style and in-your-face colorway.

The system to tell time is also vibrant; three interwoven measuring tapes, move across the face to indicate the hour, minute and day. So the tine is displayed via an unconventional mode, by replacing the expected dial arrangement found in the vast majority of the mechanical watches.

Backside Watch

Horoswiss-made weird Backside Watch is another Russian OPEN!Design&Concepts’ creation. Its’ limited edition of 99 numbered pieces ($1,000 each) has already been sold. Amusing weird piece means to be worn upside down in another case, designers sure that you won’t be able to know the time. Though for a left-hander it could be a right decision. The unique watch is crafted out of stainless steel with a quartz movement. Unusual watch dial fits hours, minutes. Moreover, watch gauges your satisfaction level and surroundings’ envy.

Oriental Breeze Watch

Voila weird watch collection bases on Hong Kong jewelry watch brand that uses Swiss quartz movements. The collection was inspired by creators numerous travels within Asia and depicts the cultural relics of the Orient.

Four Asian themed Oriental Breeze collections are to be premièred each at its appropriate season. Cherry Blossom the spring collection which takes its inspiration from travels to the land of the rising sun, Japan. Dancing Peacock a summer collection inspired from the wildlife in India. Ultimately the autumn – winter collections Wild Orchid & Golden Dragon inspired from travels to the land of smiles, Thailand and China are scheduled to be released in fall 2009. Fitted with a hand woven genuine Shantou silk strap and culturally inspired hand enamel painted weird dial, the Oriental Breeze is the new !wow! from the house of Voila, and is available set in white brilliant cut diamonds or colored sapphires.

Tellurium Johannes Kepler Timepiece

Nevertheless, it rotates! It is a revolutionary weird timepiece from the Trilogy collection (Limited100 sets edition) that rotates the Earth in its true geographical shape seen from above the North Pole. A flexible spring bends from the Tropic of Cancer to the Tropic of Capricorn reveals the part of the Earth lit by the Sun and indicates the time and place of sunrise and sunset.

On the unusual dial you can see the moon rotates around the Earth. The dragon hand indicates the eclipses of the sun and the moon. 18 ct yellow gold or platinum case (depending of the model) fits the perpetual calendar which completes one turn each year.

See Touch Watch

This qurtz weird watch allows you to tell the time if you have problems with your eyesight or you want to see the time in the night. The upper square is for the hour, and the bottom square is for the minutes (with a 5 minutes precision). One can really feel the time with this watch. This masterpiece of watch-making craft is both simple in use and at the same time ingenious.

Zihotch Watch

This is one unique watch from our collection, that you probably wouldn’t like to wear, especially if you’re not Japanese or just don’t like to be in the spotlight. It is rather huge, but what is more, looks like an old phone and you need to dial “117″ to hear the time in Japanese. So if you want draw people’s attention you shouldn’t neglect that weird model.

Pong Watch

One of the coolest weird watches ever created by John Maushammer. Let’s have a more attentive look at the pong watch build log for some interesting construction details. The basic idea is simple as all ingenious things! Each minute the right side scores a point, and each hour the left side scores a point. The effect is that the score reflects the time. A good new is that display runs continuously, so you need not press a button to see the time unlike older LED watches models. Battery life is 25 hours, so recharging is done every night while you are sleeping. And this is also comfortable.

Motorcycle Watches

And In the conclusion of our article we want to give you a good advice. Now you don’t need to wait until designers create a new unique watch model, as you can do it yourself! When your next watches breaks just don’t throw it in the trash. It doesn’t matter if it was weird model or not, if it was a swiss-made watches or a japanese one. All you need is a bolt driver and pliers. So turning on your imagination you can recycle the old watches into something cool like miniature Harley Davidson.


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